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Clinical diabetes and endocrinology


    Based on the results of phase II and III studies with sorafenib in differentiated thyroid cancer and the lack of availability of registered tyrosine kinase inhibitors, vandetabin and cabozantinib in Hungary, we designed a uncontrolled, prospective efficacy and safety study of patients with metastatic MTC treated with first-line sorafenib in five Hungarian oncology centers.

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    Methods: Ten consecutive patients with progressive or symptomatic metastatic MTC were included and started sorafenib mg twice a day between June and March The primary end point was median progression-free survival mPFS. Secondary endpoints included disease control rate, biochemical response, symptomatic response and toxicity. Median PFS was Association between radiologic response and biochemical or symptomatic response clinical diabetes and endocrinology inconsistent.

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    Conclusions: In our prospective case series in patients with MTC first-line sorafenib showed at least similar efficacy as in other small phase II trials and case reports.

    Based on comparable efficacy with registered tyrosine kinase inhibitors and it's manageable toxicity profile, we believe that sorafenib has role in the sequential treatment of MTC. Read More Authors.

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