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Amlodipine in diabetic patients


    Recommended Articles Calcium channel blockers are clinically useful vasodilators, used widely in the treatment of hypertension.

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    These agents are reported to preserve or improve renal function in patients with essential hypertensive renal disease or diabetic renal disease. Among the classes of calcium channel blockers, dihydropyridine derivatives are widely used because of their potent vasodilating activity and weak cardiodepressant action.

    Mebudipine and dibudipine are two new 1,4-dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers that recently have been synthesized.

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    In previous research mebudipine and dibudipine showed considerable relaxant amlodipine in diabetic patients on vascular and ileal smooth muscle cells. In this study we investigated the effects of these new drugs on vascular flow of isolated kidney of diabetic rat and compare their potencies to amlodipine.

    It is concluded that mebudipine and dibudipine 1—10 μM are at least as potent as amlodipine in inhibiting PE-induced perfusion pressure in isolated kidney of diabetic rats.

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    These new dihydropyridines improve kidney perfusion of diabetic rat in the setting of PE infusion. Similarly, amlodipine. Johns E. The contribution of adrenoceptor subtype s in the renal vasculature of diabetic spontaneously hypertensive rats Br.

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