Ketogenic Diet as a Treatment

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The use of the Ketogenic Diets for Epilepsy is well established.

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Currently most of the available research is based on animal studies, with just a few human case studies. However, the research to date looks promising.

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Head trauma. Head trauma often results in a rapid increase in cerebral glucose metabolism, followed by a prolonged decrease. Administering glucose to patients tends to result in hyperglycemia high blood sugar that worsens the outcome. In animal studies, fasting or a ketogenic diet improves tissue preservation, but further research is needed [3]. Because a stroke involves the reduction of blood flow to areas of the brain, the Ketogenic diet may help reduce the resulting damage [4].

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Animal studies have looked at the ketogenic diet, ketone administration, and calorie restriction, which all raise ketone levels, and all have shown to be beneficial in animal stroke models [4].

The analysis of 19 animal rodent studies on the changes in outcome following cerebral ischemia with the ketogenic state.

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Pathological outcomes included lesion volume, brain water content, and neuronal counts, whereas functional outcomes included all measures of behavior.

Altitude Sickness.

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It is possible that the ketogenic diet may help with altitude sickness Acute Mountain Sicknessbut I've found not studies to support this. One study of children using the Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy showed a deterioration of blood lipid profiles, and only one in six low blood sugar and heart racing in the commonly accepted levels for a cukorbetegség neuropátiás fájdalom population [5].

Another study of adults on the Ketogenic Low blood sugar and heart racing for Epilepsy also showed a worsening of blood lipids [6]. However, other studies have shown that the ketogenic diet has no adverse effects on the lipid profiles [8] [9] [10] or actually improves the markers [11] [12] [13] [14] [15].

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A study of children on the MCT Diet did not indicate any adverse blood lipid changes [16]. It seems possible that the structure of the Ketogenic Diet when it's used for epilepsy is in some way different, causing this split in results.

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There is some evidence that a ketogenic diet may not only improve the symptoms of AD [18]but may also modify the disease activity itself. These benefits may also apply to other neurological conditions involving neuron death.

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There is evidence that raising Ketone levels through MCT supplementation without carbohydrate restriction may also improve memory function in AD sufferers [19]. In a study of subjects with mild to moderate AD, half were given an MCT based treatment over a period of 90 days and had significantly improved cognitive scores compared with the placebo control group [20].

There is also some evidence that a higher carbohydrate intake is associated with poorer memory, and increased aberrant motor behavior in subjects with probable AD [21].

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Animal studies and anecdotal reports suggest that the ketogenic diet may reverse the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, but there are no published human studies. It is possible to treat Parkinson's disease for a time with dopaminebut free radical damage lessens the effectiveness of this therapy over time [23].

One study showed that the Ketogenic Diet alters the progression of ALS in a mouse model, but it did not extend the survival time [25].

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However, other studies of high fat non-ketogenic diets in animal models did show an improved survival time [26] [27]. There are also anecdotal reports of epileptic children treated with the ketogenic diet also having improvements in their autism.

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As with Autism, there are also reports of epileptic children treated with the ketogenic diet also having improvements in their hyperactivity.

However, this may be due to a removal of the gluten from the diet rather than the overall dietary changes [29].

One report indicated that over years the mood stabilization exceeded that achieved with medication [31]. However, while the extra weight loss was statistically significant, the loss of an additional 0.