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    Download kB Absztrakt kivonat idegen nyelven The arginine-vasopressin AVP -ergic and oxytocin OXT -ergic neuroendocrine systems have multiple functions in homeostatic maintenance. Their co existence, the interactions between them and the regulatory elements involved, e.

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    However, vasopressin function studies are related mainly to the higher levels of release located in either intrahypothalamic or other vasopressin function nervous superior areas, and only slightly to the neurohypophysis NHwhich could also be a site diplopia a cukorbetegség kezelésének AVP and OXT expression.

    We have estabished that vasopressin function NH cultures may be used to study the release of AVP and OXT, and our group has already partially identified the involvement of some neurogenic monoamine regulators.

    We set out to acquire a more profound understanding of the roles of a wider range of neurogenic systems, under basal and stimulated conditions at the level of NH.

    We therefore attempted to elucidate the roles of NE and E and to identify the acting receptors. Various external impacts affect hormonal release at different regulatory levels in the brain.

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    Nevertheless, besides chemization, we should increasingly calculate with vasopressin function relevance of ambient endocrine disruptor substances as possible external-environmental stimuli which may be capable of disturbing behavior and the underlying AVP and OXT mechanisms. We have therefore examined the consequences of a chosen environmental stimulus on anxiety and aggression and on AVP and OXT release in vivo and in vitro.

    We wished to know, how this stimulus can disturb the release, and how the changes can be interpreted in terms of a NH model. To provoke the stimulated condition, adult male rats were exposed to chlorobenzenes for 30, 60 or 90 days, after which AVP- and OXT-mediated behavior was examined in vasopressin function, elevated plus maze and resident-intruder tests.

    A kiszáradás elkerülésének egyik hatékony módja a vízvisszatartás, vagyis a vízkiválasztás radikális csökkentése a vesékben. Ismert jelenség, hogy forró, meleg napokon — különösen akkor, ha a levegő páratartalma is igen magas — az emberek erősen izzadnakami jelentős mennyiségű vízvesztéssel terheli a szervezetüket.

    NH cultures were prepared from the rats, and further incubation procedures with some relevant neurogenic regulators 5-HT and NE were performed to study the release in vitro. Several anxiety-related and aggressive behavioral elements were also enhanced following exposure, while certain explorative and locomotive elements of the animals were decreased.

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